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Certification - EN 1090 and ISO 9001 (+353) 67 50298


Before being audited, customers must prepare a management system compliant with the clauses of the standard(s) that they aim to be certified against.  For this you could use a consultant or create your own.  OMNI does not provide any form of consultancy so could not assist at this stage.

When you are confident that your system is compliant, you should contact OMNI to book dates for your certification audits.




The standard 3 year certification cycle involves two initial assessments in the first year, Stage 1 and Stage 2 followed by a surveillance in year two and another surveillance in year three.  Certification is awarded following successful completion of your initial year one audits and is maintained by your subsequent surveillance audits in years two and three.

The Stage 1 is just an initial system review to establish that a compliant framework including all mandatory procedures is in place. Once successfully through Stage 1 customers can address any findings raised and proceed to Stage 2.

At Stage 2, an OMNI Auditor will visit the organisation and audit the implementation of the full management system.

In the second year there is one surveillance audit of the management system(s) against a selection of clauses of the standard(s) certified against.

In the final year there is another surveillance audit which assesses the management system(s) to another selection of the clauses of your chosen standards.

Should you wish to continue you will repeat the cycle with one recertification audit in year four, another two surveillances in years five and six and then the cycle would repeat.

Additional audits can be included if you require them.


Once certification is recommended by the assessor following your Initial year one audits, audit documents are verified to ensure the correct process has been followed during the audit and that any findings raised have been raised and closed off correctly.

The customer can be awarded with certificates for the standards that they have achieved certification against. The certificates should only take a matter of days to issue.

The client can then inform all of their interested parties of their achievement and begin to use their certification to their competitive advantage.  Customers may also then use the provided accreditation marks in line with the provided guidance to advertise their standards as appropriate.

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